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North Dakota State Parade

2023 was a great year for the North Dakota State Parade. We would like to thank every single entry and all the citizens of this great state and those visiting. We made some big changes in the way that entrants apply and tried to streamline the way the community gets in touch with us. Your acceptance of this and the new website has saved the Parade Committee hundreds of volunteer hours. Hours that we can now use to introduce new ideas and activities. We are already planning for next year. More changes are coming, these changes are going to reduce the stress for the volunteers and make communicating with the entrants faster and simpler. In the coming weeks photographs of the 2023 parade will start being posted and the website will be worked on. The parade may be over but the work does not stop for the Parade Committee. Thank you all one more time for taking part in the North Dakota State Parade for 2023.

 We Hope to See You at the Parade!

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