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2023 Grand Marshal

Paleontologist John W. Hoganson, Ph.D.

John W. Hoganson, Ph.D. is the North Dakota State Paleontologist Emeritus. Hoganson has published many scientific and public interest articles, books, and chapters in books about North Dakota’s paleontology and geology.  John developed educational programs about North Dakota’s prehistoric past including the North Dakota Public Fossil Dig Program, which is still active after over 20 years.

John W. Hoganson, Ph.D.

John was born in Fargo and graduated from West Fargo High School.  He received a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science at North Dakota State University, a master’s degree in Geology with a Paleontology emphasis at the University of Florida, and a Doctorate in Geology with a Paleontology emphasis at the University of North Dakota.

North Dakota's first state paleontologist, has spent decades unearthing secrets that have been kept for millions of years.

After 33 years, John retired from the North Dakota Geological Survey but maintains emeritus status in 2014. With the NDGS, John’s primary responsibility was to develop a Fossil Resource Management Program for North Dakota. This work resulted in the establishment of laws to recognize and protect North Dakota fossils as an important part of the state’s natural resources. This program also included establishing a North Dakota State Fossil Collection at the North Dakota Heritage Center

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